Curt Echtermeyer

1896 Valparaiso, Chile – 1971 San Vicente de Calders, Spain

Grew up in Berlin. Studied at the Kunstakademie and at various Art Schools of Berlin. 1925/26 sojourn in Paris where he joined the surrealist movement. Participated at various exhibitions at Berlin galleries of the 1920ies. Solo exhibition at Galerie Dr. Goldschmidt & Dr. Wallerstein, Berlin 1927, catalogue with an essay by Ludwig Gottheimer. Due to his unsuccessful career as an artist he began since the 1930ies to live an artistic double life by painting on assignment in the style of 19th century Realism (signing with the name of “Bruckner”) while at the same time he continued to paint in his genuine style. 1962 he left Berlin and settled in Bamberg where he lived until 1969, he then moved to Spain where he died. 2014 Galerie Gerda Bassenge, Berlin showed in a solo exhibition most of his early work.